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Feral Horses in the Australian Alps. Ecological Management and Restoration special issue

Kosciuszko Science Conference

Court Rulings

How many horses? Survey reports

Feral horse explainers in The Conversation

Take action: Reclaim Kosciuszko

Other great resources

Feral Horses in the Australian Alps. Ecological Management and Restoration special issue

Overview paper: Impacts of feral horses in the Australian Alps and evidence‐based solutions

Driscoll et al 2019 Feral horses in the Australian Alps: an introduction to the special issue

Williams 2019. Science as an antidote to horse trading in the Australian Alps

Slattery 2019. Science and evolving community knowledge and opinion on feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park

Knight 2019. How can the social sciences work with ecology in informing feral horse policy and management in south‐eastern Australia?

Good and Johnston 2019. Rehabilitation and revegetation of the Kosciuszko summit area, following the removal of grazing – An historic review

Robertson et al 2019. An assessment of feral horse impacts on treeless drainage lines in the Australian Alps

Schulz et al 2019. The occurrence of the Broad‐toothed Rat Mastacomys fuscus in relation to feral Horse impacts

Ward-Jones et al 2019. Impacts of feral horses and deer on an endangered woodland of Kosciuszko National Park

Cherubin et al 2019. Feral horse impacts on threatened plants and animals in sub‐alpine and montane environments in Victoria, Australia

Beeton and Johnson 2019. Modelling horse management in the Australian Alps

Driscoll et al 2019. Impacts of feral horses in the Australian Alps and evidence‐based solutions

Gibson 2019 Feral horse impacts: The Kosciuszko Science Conference

The Kosciuszko Science Accord

Feral horse impacts as a threatening process. Notice of and reasons for the Final Determination

Kosciuszko Science Conference

Short accounts from ecologists with hands-on experience

Allan and Lintermans 2018 Feral horse threat to a critically endangered fish kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-16

Bates 2018 Feral horse threats to mountain pygmy possum kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-13

Beeton and Johnson 2018 Feral horse threats to broad toothed rat kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-8

Cherubin et al 2018 feral horse impacts on a threatened native lizard kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-15

Driscoll 2018 Overview of conference outcomes kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-18

Eldridge et al 2018 Global assesement of feral horse impacts kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-9

Evans 2018 Threats to corroboree frog habitat in the A.C.T. kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-12

Hope 2018 Feral horse impacts on bogs and fens kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-7

Norman 2018 Feral horse control in Victoria kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-5

Paull 2018 Using drones to monitor feral horse impacts on streams kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-11

Pittock and Finlayson 2018 Feral horse impacts on water resources kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-10

Porfirio and Mackey 2018 Whole of alps GIS approach to measuring impacts of feral horses kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18.pdf

Scheele and Foster 2018 Feral horse threat to corroboree frogs kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-6

Schulz and Green 2018 Feral horse impacts on broad toothed rats kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-14

Slattery 2018 Setting the scene. Science knowledge opinion kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-22

Tolsma et al 2018 impacts on bogs and drainage lines Bogong high plains kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18

Venn and Willliams 2018 Introduced stock impacts on alpine flora kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-17

Ward-Jones et al 2018 Feral herbivore impacts in the dry snowy river valley kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-3

Watson 2018 Championing science kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-19

Williams 2018 Conference keynote overview of what is known kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-21

Worboys 2018 About the Kosciuszko Science Conference kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-20

Wright et al 2018 impacts on treeless drainage lines kosciuszko-conference-abstracts-8nov18-2

Court rulings

Federal Court Ruling evaluating the science and cultural value of feral horses in Victoria 2020

Victorian supreme court ruling May 29 2020. Rejecting case to prevent feral horse control on Bogong High Plains

Land and Environment Court 17 July 2020. Rejecting case to prevent meagre feral horse control in Kosciuszko

How many horses? Survey reports

2019 aerial survey Australian Alps

Feral horse explainers in The Conversation

National parks are for native wildlife, not feral horses: federal court

Fire almost wiped out rare species in the Australian Alps. Feral horses are finishing the job

Double trouble as feral horse numbers gallop past 25,000 in the Australian Alps

NSW election: where do the parties stand on brumby culling?

Passing the brumby bill is a backward step for environmental protection in Australia

NSW’s no-cull brumby bill will consign feral horses to an even crueller fate

Without culling, Victoria’s feral horse plan looks set to fail

The ethical and cultural case for culling Australia’s mountain horses

Why do brumbies evoke such passion? It’s all down to the high country’s cultural myth-makers

The grim story of the Snowy Mountains’ cannibal horses

Take action: Reclaim Kosciuszko

Take action: Reclaim Kosciuszko

Myth busting

Other great resources

Photographs from NPWS NSW showing horses damaging alpine ecosystems

The Australian Alps National Parks website includes links to many documents related to feral horses and other feral pests

Assessing the humaneness of wild horse management methods

Feral horses listed as a key threatening process in NSW

August 19 2016 Science Statement

Victorian Government information sheet

Colong Foundation survey of starving horses Guy Fawkes NP 2019